FSU Lacrosse Will Stream ALL GAMES in 2024. Sponsorships Available

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The 2024 FSU Lacrosse Club is proud to announce live streaming for all games, home and away. The club has established a media group comprised of FSU communications students to ensure an exceptional viewing experience for fans. This media team will accompany the squad on all road trips.

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available

The FSU Lacrosse Club presents sponsorship opportunities for ALL 2024 games, both HOME & AWAY. This is an excellent chance to showcase your business while supporting FSU Lacrosse.

With an average viewership of 1,500 per game and growing, we anticipate reaching up to 2,000 to 5,000 views per game during the peak season. Additionally, the FSU Men’s Club Lacrosse page has garnered approximately 1.5k impressions in just 28 days.

This year, we’ve enhanced our capabilities to record away games on our terms, ensuring all streams maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Private uploads in the fall attracted around 1000 viewers, suggesting the potential for an even larger audience with our spring games open to the public.

What you get for a sponsorship?

$600 Sponsorship

  • Your logo will be prominently displayed on each stream for both home & away games including post-season (11+).
  • Your company name will be recognized at various times through the stream by the announcer.
  • Your logo will be prominently displayed on the team website, facebook and Instagram pages.
  • A special message will be sent to all FSULAX alumni recognizing your brand.

Have a video ad you would like promoted?

  • Run your video ad during halftime of each stream for $2,500.

Player of the game spot light will be an additional 400$ for the season including graphic post stream as well as social media posts.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact FSULacrosse.

*Sponsorship is not a university or athletic department sponsorship.