Coach Harkins’ Chop Talk on

Florida State Head Coach Bill Harkins has decided to give fans a behind-the-scenes tour of Florida State lacrosse this year in his new blog "Chop Talk" on  So far, the Seminoles’ Head Coach has posted two blogs: one on the start of the 2009 season, and one on the team’s upcoming game against Clemson as part of the Wounded Warrior Project’s "Face Off For a Cause."  Both blogs, are available online at: Future blogs by Coach Harkins will appear on this site as well. "It’s been a lot of fun doing it," said Harkins of his blog, "You’re never sure how it will turn out when you do these things, but I hope people enjoy it."  So far, people seem to be enjoying his blog quite a bit, as reviews have been very positive.  When asked if he plans to continue creating blog entries during the season, Harkins replied,  "If they don’t ban me from the website, I’ll keep doing it."   The Seminoles will play their third game of the season this Saturday in Jacksonville against Clemson.  For more information about Florida State lacrosse, please visit