FSU slips by Virginia Tech

Mar 25, 2006
Colleen O'Connell

Whoever says Florida boys can’t play lacrosse in the sleet obviously missed the game between the Seminoles and the Virginia Tech Hokies that took place on Saturday, March 25 at the University of North Carolina’s Henry Field.
In the midst of a sleet shower that started about three minutes into the third quarter, Florida State dominated possession of the white ball that pretty much disappeared in the sleet that accumulated on the field. In a time in which the game was 8-6, rookie Brandon Purcell increased the Seminole lead as he fired the ball past Virginia Tech’s Denny Kosygin off a sophomore Jamie Chapin pass.
“I’ve never played in sleet before,” said Vero Beach native Purcell, who had a team-high three goals.  "With that goal, I couldn’t see the ball, but I knew where the open spot was in the cage.”
A sense of dejá vu almost occurred in the fourth quarter. With Florida State enjoying a three goal lead, the Hokies started to cut down on the lead, just like they did in 2005’s SELC Championship game. The Hokies scored three unanswered goals within a 1:45 to tie the game at 10-10. Yet, junior Grover Light scored what proved to be the game-winning goal off a Rob Herzog pass to give Florida State an 11-10 lead with 4:22 left in the game.
“I’ve been in that same situation before with scoring the overtime goals,” said Light. “It wasn’t overtime, but it was the same thing, just knowing that it came down to the last goal.”
Florida State concludes their weekend trip to North Carolina with a game at North Carolina State University at 1:00 pm.
Game Summary: Florida State-     4    3     2     2- 11 Virginia Tech-     2    4     0     4- 10
Goals: Florida State- Purcell-3, Waters-2, Geppert-1, Herzog-1, Light-1, Matherly-1, Noonan-1, Wilson-1 Virginia Tech- Ashcroft-4, Miller-2, Cutshall-1, Huber-1, Ott-1, Wittelsberger-1
Assists: Florida State- Chapin-2, Herzog-1, Lombard-1, Wilson-1 Virginia Tech- Ott-2, Miller-1, Southworth-1, Wittelsberger-1
Shots: Florida State-       8   11    11    9- 39 Virginia Tech-      8  15     6   14- 43
Groundballs: Florida State-    12    12     14    10- 48 Virginia Tech-     9    14       8     9- 40
Face-offs: Florida State: 15-25 (team)             Lombard- 13-18             Barr- 2-7 Virginia Tech: 10-25 (team)             Dickenson- 9-16             Huber- 1-7            Spain- 0-2

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